Notice to those that seek to belittle our lifestyle – we are growing – we are not going away – we will be respected

OCC Credo:

we will resist every attempt to trample on our freedom


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For Immediate Release:


May 1st, 2017


The membership of the Ontario Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs & Independents has unanimously voted to retain the firm of Polishuk, Camman & Steele to explore the feasibility of mounting a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms challenge. The investigation and research will be conducted by Ms. Susan A. Toth and Mr. Andrew Camman, who was a guest speaker at this year’s OCC Conference. Mr. Camman, commented on the various aspects of mounting a challenge and stated, “Further, we both like getting onto a white horse and smiting injustice.”  Other details will be forthcoming as soon as the research is complete.




The Ontario Confederation of Clubs  was formed in 1996 and is growing every year.


We are united and dedicated to legally fight against any encroachment on our freedom to choose our lifestyle by Government, law enforcement authorities, insurance companies, local proprietors or any other special interest group. We mean to do this legally, through the courts if necessary; and, in cooperation with and in support of any Motorcycle Rights Organizations and any others who fight for the rights of motorcyclists.